Board Members


President – Roger Boulcott


 Robert Stack

Vice President – Robert Stack 

Robert brings a skill base of business unit management with a special passion for speed skating developed over recent years. With a recognition that helping behind the scenes is of equal importance. My wife Sarah and I have helped get the Nelson Speed skating group out of recess and into a strong position to be a competitive force in Speed skating over the coming years. We are also working hard to develop Artistic skating in the South Island and have a burning desire to see all roller sports strengthen over the coming years.


Board Member – Michelle Wood

Michelle’s professional life revolves around using analytics to drive better business decisions. Combining the analytical mind, business sense and a passion for skating makes Michelle a valuable member of our board. Michelle has been involved in club administration for the Mount Wellington club for numerous years and has children competitively skating in both artistic and speed.

Margaret Grant-1

Artistic Chairperson – Margaret Grant

Margaret is the Chairperson of the NZ Artistic Committee and bring with her a wealth of personal knowledge. Her background is in business management. Margaret came into the sports through her children and has gone on to become a NZ Artistic Judge.


Speed Chairperson – Mark Swindells



Secretary – Leanne Raffles

Skating has been a large part of Leanne’s life as she has been involved in in the sport since she was 7 and is still coaching at the Auckland Waitakere club. She has worked in administration in freight and maintained involvement with both Artistic and Speed sections through photography at the National Championships.

Leanne is also the Secretary for the Auckland Waitakere club and is passionate about creating encouraging learning environments and growing the profile and numbers of skaters in our sport. 

Ann Deihl

Treasurer – Ann Deihl

Ann has a background of administration and is currently employed as a PA. She brings to the Board a huge financial knowledge as our Treasurer. Ann came into the sport as a volunteer when her children skaters and remained. She has a background in all disciplines and advises the Board in all financial matters.